NameBaraka428, F
Death30 Dhū al-Qaʿda 774/23 May 1373429,430,431
BurialIn her son Shaʿbān’s madrasa built in 770/1368-9432,433
PilgrimageIn 770/1369434,428,435
Marriageat an unknown date436
ChildrenShaʿbān , M (754-778)
 Ānūk , M (-793)
 Zahra , F (-771)
 Sāra , F
 Jānibak , M (755-831)
 Shaqrāʾ , F (-804)
 Aḥmad , M
 Ibrāhīm , M
Death8 Muḥarram 775/2 July 1373443
Burial9 Muḥarram 775/3 July 1373444
Marriageaft 764/1363
Notes for Baraka
She was a slave (ama muwallada)428
A Quran bearing a deed of waqf in her name (Ḫawand Bakara wālidat al-Sulṭān al-Malik Abī al-Muẓaffar Šaʿbān) in 769/1368 is kept at the Dār al-Kutub al-Miṣriyyah (Cairo), Quran no. 6442
Notes for Ḥusayn (Spouse 1)
Was amir miʾa muqaddam alf and amīr ṭablkhānah, on various occasions437
Approached by Tcherkess Mamluks to put him on the throne in 748/1347-8438
His name was put forward to succede to al-Nāṣir Ḥasan in 762/1361, but the proposal was rejected by fear that he would rule on his own377,439
Tried to make a coup in Rabīʿ I 762/February 1361, while the sultan, his nephew Muḥammad ibn Ḥājjī, was in Syria440
Said to have been poisoned441
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