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Third Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies, Chicago, June 23-25, 2016

Themed Day Paper Proposal

Use the form below to submit a paper proposal. The deadline for paper proposals is October 31, 2015.

The first day of the conference (June 23) will consist of papers on a single theme:
"Exchange in the Mamluk Sultanate: Economic and Cultural."

The act of exchanging one thing for another is ubiquitous in the history of all societies. It is found at all levels of commerce, from the local market to international trade, but it is not limited to economic matters. In the diplomatics and court practice of the Mamluk sultanate, the giving of gifts or the granting of rights, titles, or responsibilities are all forms of exchange in which the currency that facilitates the exchange is frequently something other than money. In societal relationships, ties could be strengthened by the exchange of family members via marriage, and in power relations non-tangible goods such as loyalty could be exchanged for wealth, titles, or other rewards. These are but a few examples of what exchange entails. The aim of this themed day is to focus on acts of exchange across these and other aspects of Mamluk society.

A maximum of 12 to 15 paper proposals will be selected. A proposal should represent an original work, not one for which publication is planned elsewhere, so that it may be published in the conference proceedings. Should a greater number of proposals be received, the authors of those which are not selected for the conference may be offered the opportunity to publish their contributions in the proceedings. Time allotted for each paper will be twenty minutes, followed by a discussant’s comments and general discussion. In order to allow the discussants to prepare their comments, papers will need to be received by them at least two weeks prior to the conference.

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