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Articles Author(s) Page
Diplomatics in the Service of Diplomacy: Was the 692/1293 Truce Negotiated by the Kingdom of Aragon with the Mamluk Sultanate Ever Ratified? Frédéric Bauden 1-53
The Captivity and Release of the Armenian King Leo V in Cairo: Diplomatic Gifts and Ransom in Mamluk Diplomacy Doris Behrens-Abouseif 55-69
Saint Mark Preaching in Alexandria: A New Perspective Nevine Rateb 71-97
Pride in Turkish Heritage? The Attitude of Awlād al-Nās-Historians to the Mamluks Amir Mazor 99-116
Prolegomena on Ibn Ajā’s Journey to Tabriz: Chronology and Itinerary According to the Tārīkh al-Amīr Yashbak Georg Leube 117-153
Contagion, Causality, and Circumspection in a Late-Mamluk Digest of Natural Philosophy Joseph Leonardo Vignone 155-183
The Enigma of the Baḥrīyah and the Political Legacy of Sultan al-Ṣāliḥ Ayyūb (1240–49) Yaacov Lev 185-214
Book Reviews Reviewer Page
The Nusayri-Alawi Religion in the Mamluk Sultanate: A Book Report Yehoshua Frenkel 215
Carl F. Petry, The Mamluk Sultanate: A History Mustafa Banister 217-220
Joel Blecher, Said the Prophet of God: Hadith Commentary across a Millennium Christian Mauder 221-223
Christian Mauder, In the Sultan’s Salon: Learning, Religion, and Rulership at the Mamlūk Court of Qāniṣawh al-Ghawrī (r. 1501–1516) and Kristof D’hulster, Browsing through the Sultan’s Bookshelves: Towards a Reconstruction of the Library of the Mamlūk Sultan Qāniṣawh al-Ghawrī (r. 906–922/1501–1516) Yehoshua Frenkel 225-229


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Articles Author(s) Page
Introduction Anthony T. Quickel 9-12
The Urgent Need for Cash: Thoughts on the Taxation of Land in the Late Mamluk Sultanate Albrecht Fuess 1-18
Environment, Political Ecology, and the Culture of Waqf in the Eighteenth-Century Northern Egyptian Delta Zoe Griffith 19-48
Chefs-lieux et dépendances. La hiérarchie des agglomérations en moyenne Égypte, xive-xvie siècle Nicolas Michel 49-126
The Rise of Provincial Arab Ruling Families in Mamluk Egypt, 1350–1517 Yossef Rapoport 127-160
Treating with Birds: The Insights of Two Mamluk Sources about the Medical Benefits of Birds Heba Mahmoud Saad Abdelnaby 161-198
Taqlīd and Tillage in the Works of Two Taqī al-Dīns Omar Abdel-Ghaffar 199-220
Book Reviews Reviewer Page
Gül Şen, Making Sense of History: Narrativity and Literariness in the Ottoman Chronicle of Na’ima Yehoshua Frenkel 221-223
Mohamad El-Merheb, Political Thought in the Mamluk Period: The Unnecessary Caliphate Yehoshua Frenkel 225-228


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Articles Author(s) Page
Th. Emil Homerin, 1955–2020 Amila Buturovic and Aaron W. Hughes 1-14
Michael Hamilton Burgoyne, 1944–2021 Shimon Gibson 15-20
Jean-Claude Garcin, 1934–2021 Denise Aigle and Sylvie Denoix 21-38
Mongol Origins in Mamluk Texts: An Origo Gentis in Ibn al-Dawādārī’s Durar al-Tījān and Kanz al-Durar Josephine van den Bent 39-70
Mamluks, Mongols, and Crusaders: Visual Strategies for Representing the Enemy Karen Rose Mathews 71-102
Al-Zīj al-Jadīd as an Instrument for Timekeeping in Fifteenth-Century Cairo: The Materiality of Bodleian MS Arch. Seld. A 30 Fien De Block 103-118
Archaeological Excavations of Bāb al-Ghurayb Cemetery: Plague Epidemics and the Ruin of Fourteenth-Century Cairo Stéphane Pradines 119-170
Copper or Silver? The Monetary Situation in Late Mamluk Damascus Wollina, Torsten 171-192
Waste, Excess, and Obsession in the Mamluk Harem Tara Stephan 193-210
Marriage and Kinship among the Amirs of the Banū al-Ḥusayn: The Rise of the Buḥturid Qadis in Rural Mamluk Syria (Eighth/Fourteenth Century) Wissam H. Halawi 211-238
Reassessing the Significance of Archival Material in Mamluk Diplomatic Studies: A Survey of Florentine-Mamluk Relations through the Lens of Chancery Sources (Fifteenth–Sixteenth Centuries) Alessandro Rizzo 239-258
The Trials and Tribulations of the Rasulid Sultan al-Malik al-Mujāhid ʿAlī (d. 764/1363) Daniel Martin Varisco 259-286
Book Reviews Reviewer Page
Trajectories of State Formation across Fifteenth-Century Islamic West Asia: Eurasian Parallels, Connections and Divergences, edited by Jo Van Steenbergen Anne F. Broadbridge 287-90


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Articles Author(s) Page
Rudolf Veselý, 1931–2020 Josef Ženka 1
Michael Winter, 1934–2020 Meir Hatina and Amalia Levanoni 23
Fifteenth-Century Arabic Historiography: Introducing a New Research Agenda for Authors, Texts and Contexts Jo Van Steenbergen, Mustafa Banister, Rihab Ben Othmen, Kenneth A. Goudie, Mohamed Maslouh, Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont 33
The Historiographical Trajectory and Legal Status of a Rebellion: Anti-Sultan Jakam (d. 809/1407) and his Literary Representation Clément Onimus 69
Tales of Reverence and Powers: Ibn Ḥajar’s Narratives of Religious Charismatic Authority Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont 103
Professional Mobility in Ibn ʿArabshāh’s Fifteenth-Century Panegyric Dedicated to Sultan al-Ẓāhir Jaqmaq Mustafa Banister 133
A Tale of Hybrid Identities: Notes on Ibn Taghrībirdī’s Textual and Authorial “Self-Fashioning” Rihab Ben Othmen 165
How to Make it in Cairo: The Early Career of Burhān al-Dīn al-Biqāʿī Kenneth Goudie 203
Book Reviews Reviewer Page
Developing Perspectives in Mamluk History: Essays in Honor of Amalia Levanoni, edited by Yuval Ben-Bassat Albrecht Fuess 231


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Articles Author(s) Page
Thomas T. Allsen (1940–2019) Bruce D. Craig 1
The Iconography of a Military Elite: Military Figures on an Early Thirteenth-Century Candlestick (Part III) David Nicolle 3
Notes on Two Manjanīq Counterweights from Mamluk Shawbak Andrea Vanni Desideri 23
Mamluks of Jewish Origin in the Mamluk Sultanate Koby Yosef 49
Beirut’s Church of the Savior under the Mamluks Pierre Moukarzel 97
An Arabic Marriage Contract and Subsequent Divorce from Mamluk Jerusalem: The Ḥaram al-Sharīf No. 302 Muhammad N. Abdul-Rahman 121
World Literature, Republics of Letters, and the Arabic Literary System: The “Modernists” in the Defendants’ Bench—A Review Article Reuven Snir 137
Book Reviews Reviewer Page
Il Kwang Sung, Mamluks in the Modern Egyptian Mind: Changing the Memory of the Mamluks, 1919–1952 Orit Bashkin 193
Selections from Ṣubḥ al-Aʿshā by al-Qalqashandi, Clerk of the Mamluk Court: Egypt: “Seats of Government” and “Regulations of the Kingdom”, from Early Islam to the Mamluks, edited by Heba al-Toudy and Tarek Galal Abdelhamid Malika Dekkiche 197


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Articles Author(s) Page
Introduction: Representations of Women in the Mamluk Period Antonella Ghersetti vii
Between Function and Fiction: The Representation of Women in al-Ibshīhī’s Mustaṭraf Mirella Cassarino 1
The Representation of Slave Girls in a Physiognomic Text of the Fourteenth Century Antonella Ghersetti 21
Women and Men in al-Suyūṭī’s Guides to Sex and Marriage Pernilla Myrne 47
Medieval Arabic Islam and the Culture of Gender: Feminine Voices in al-Suyūṭī’s Literature on Sex and Marriage Daniela Rodica Firanescu 69
The Woman as a Construct: Reconsidering Men’s Image of Women in the Arabic-Islamic World—the Case of Seventeenth-Century Cairo Paulina B. Lewicka 87
Between Venice and Alexandria: Trade and the Movement of Precious Metals in the Early Mamluk Period David Jacoby 115
Book Reviews Reviewer Page
Sarah Büssow-Schmitz, Die Beduinen der Mamluken: Beduinen im politischen Leben Ägyptens im 8./14. Jahrhundert Frank H. Stewart 139
Adam Talib, How Do You Say “Epigram” in Arabic? Literary History at the Limits of Comparison Hakan Özkan 151


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Articles Author(s) Page
Introduction Bethany Walker ix
Donald Presgrave Little, 1932–2017 Sami G. Massoud 1
The Occultist Encyclopedism of ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Bisṭāmī Noah Gardiner 3
Recasting al-Bayḍāwī’s Eschatological Concept of Bodily Resurrection: Shams al-Dīn al-Iṣfahānī and Aḥmad al-Ījī in Comparative Perspective Abdelkader Al Ghouz 39
Between Beirut, Cairo, and Damascus: Al-amr bi-al-maʿrūf and the Sufi/Scholar Dichotomy in the Late Mamluk Period (1480s–1510s) Torsten Wollina 55
Theft, Plunder, and Loot: An Examination of the Rich Diversity of Material Reuse in the Complex of Qalāwūn in Cairo Iman Abdulfattah 93
The Turbah of Sitt Sutaytah: A Funerary Foundation for a Mamluk Noblewoman in Fourteenth-Century Damascus Ellen Kenney 133
Did the Mamluks Have an Environmental Sense? Natural Resource Management in Syrian Villages Bethany Walker, Sofia Laparidou, Annette Hansen, and Chiara Corbino 167
Book Reviews Reviewer Page
Tsugitaka Sato, Sugar in the Social life of Medieval Islam Mohamed Ouerfelli 247
Central Eurasia in the Middle Ages: Studies in Honour of Peter B. Golden, edited by István Zimonyi and Osman Karatay Patrick Wing 252
Daisuke Igarashi, Land Tenure, Fiscal Policy, and Imperial Power in Medieval Syro-Egypt Albrecht Fuess 256
Shihāb al-Dīn al-Nuwayrī, The Ultimate Ambition in the Arts of Erudition: A Compendium of Knowledge from the Classical Islamic World Robert Irwin 262
Julien Loiseau, Les Mamlelouks XIIIe-XVIe siècle Yehoshua Frenkel 265


Browse the contents of Volume XIX HERE.
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Articles Author(s) Page
Purchasing a Slave in Fourteenth-Century Cairo: Ibn al-Akfani’s Book of Observation and Inspection in the Examination of Slaves Hannah Barker 1
The Mamluk Fortifications of Egypt Stéphane Pradines 25
Disputation is a Fighting Sport: Munazarah according to Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah Abdessamad Belhaj 79
Venetian Merchants and Alexandrian Officials (End of the Fifteenth–Beginning of the Sixteenth Century) Alessio Sopracasa 91
Why Stress Does Matter: New Material on Metrics in Zajal Poetry Hakan Özkan 101
Plague Mortality in Late Medieval Cairo: Quantifying the Plague Outbreaks of 833/1430 and 864/1460 Stuart Borsch and Tarek Sabraa 115
Oirats in the Ilkhanate and the Mamluk Sultanate in the Thirteenth to the Early Fifteenth Centuries: Two Cases of Assimilation into the Muslim Environment Ishayahu Landa 149
The Iconography of a Military Elite: Military Figures on an Early Thirteenth-Century Candlestick (Part II) David Nicolle 193
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Mathieu Eychenne , Liens personnels, clientélisme et réseaux de pouvoir dans le sultanat mamelouk (milieu XIIIe-fin XIVe siècle) Bernadette Martel-Thoumian 301
Doris Behrens-Abouseif, Practising Diplomacy in the Mamluk Sultanate: Gifts and Material Culture in the Medieval Islamic World Valentina Vezzoli 305
Muhammad 'Abd al-Fattah al-Sarayirah, Al-Nuqud al-Fiddiyah al-Mamlukiyah min Qal'at al-Karak Warren C. Schultz 311
Julien Loiseau, Reconstruire la maison du Sultan: ruine et recomposition de l’ordre urbain au Caire, 1350–1450 Bernadette Martel-Thoumian 313
'A'ishah al-Ba'uniyah, The Principles of Sufism, edited and translated by Th. Emil Homerin Nathan Miller 316
Bernadette Martel-Thoumian, Délinquance et ordre social: L’état mamlouk syro-égyptien face au crime à la fin du ixe–xve siècle Carl F. Petry 319


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Articles Author(s) Page
Open Access and Copyright Marlis J. Saleh viii
The “Mansuriyah Legacy”: The Mansuri Amirs, Their Mamluks, and Their Descendants during al-Nasir Muhammad’s Third Reign and After Amir Mazor 1
The Iconography of a Military Elite: Military Figures on an Early Thirteenth-Century Candlestick (Part I) David Nicolle 57
The Politics of Place in the Works of Ibn Taymiyah and Ibn Fadl Allah al-'Umari Zayde Antrim 91
Baybars and the Cultural Memory of Bilad al-Sham: The Construction of Legitimacy Anne Troadec 113
Murder in Damascus: The Consequences of Competition among Medieval Muslim Religious Elites R. Kevin Jaques 149
An Ayyubid in Mamluk Guise: The Portrait of Saladin in Paolo Giovio’s Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium (1575) Marcus Milwright 187
“Naught Remains to the Caliph but his Title”: Revisiting Abbasid Authority in Mamluk Cairo Mustafa Banister 219
New Source, New Debate: Re-evaluation of the Mamluk-Timurid Struggle for Religious Supremacy in the Hijaz (Paris, BnF MS ar. 4440) Malika Dekkiche 247
Intention or Pure Happenstance? Rudolf Veselý 273
Who Handed over Mamluk Land Registers to the Ottomans? A Study on the Administrators of Land Records in the Late Mamluk Period Kumakura Wakako 279
Western vs. Eastern Way of War in the Late Medieval Near East: An Unsuitable Paradigm: A Review Essay of David Nicolle’s Late Mamluk Military Equipment Abbès Zouache 301
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
A Scholar in the Shadow: Essays in the Legal and Theological Thought of Ibn Qayyim al-Ğawziyyah, edited by Caterina Bori and Livnat Holtzmann Rodrigo Adem 327
Le Bilad al-Sham face aux mondes extérieurs: La perception de l’Autre et la représetation du souverain, edited by Denise Aigle Malika Dekkiche 331
Towards a Cultural History of the Mamluk Era, edited by Mahmoud Haddad, Arnin Heinemann, John L. Meloy, and Souad Slim Malika Dekkiche 335
Suleiman A. Mourad and James E. Lindsay, The Intensification and Reorientation of Sunni Jihad Ideology in the Crusader Period: Ibn 'Asakir of Damascus (1105–1176) and His Age, with an Edition and Translation of Ibn 'Asakir’s “The Forty Hadiths for Inciting Jihad” Anne-Marie Eddé 338
Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras VI: Proceedings of the 14th and 15th International Colloquium Organized at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in May 2005 and May 2006, edited by Urbain Vermeulen and Kristof D’Hulster Mathieu Eychenne 344
Issa M. Baidoun with a contribution by Warren C. Schultz, Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Israel Museum: The Paul Balog Collection: Egypt Vol. III, The Mamluks 1248–1517, edited by Stefan B. Heidemann and Haim Gitler Yehoshua Frenkel 350
'Abd al-Wahhab ibn Ahmad ibn 'Ali al-Sha'rani, The Guidebook for Gullible Jurists and Mendicants to the Conditions for Befriending Emirs, and
The Abbreviated Guidebook for Gullible Jurists and Mendicants to the Conditions for Befriending Emirs, edited and introduced by Adam Sabra
Th. Emil Homerin 352
Carl Petry, The Criminal Underworld in a Medieval Islamic Society: Narratives from Cairo and Damascus Under the Mamluks Elias Muhanna 355
Li Guo, The Performing Arts in Medieval Islam: Shadow Play and Popular Poetry in Ibn Daniyal’s Mamluk Cairo and
Theatre from Medieval Cairo: The Ibn Daniyal Trilogy, Translated and edited by Safi Mahfouz and Marvin Carlson
Adam Talib 358


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Articles Author(s) Page
Obituary: David C. Reisman (1969–2011) Ahmed H. al-Rahim 1
“Ayna hadha min al-Mutanabbi!” Toward an Aesthetics of Mamluk Literature Thomas Bauer 5
Woven Together as Though Randomly Strung: Variation in Collections of Naevi Poetry Compiled by al-Nuwayri and al-Sari al-Raffaʾ Adam Talib 23
The Medieval Islamic Literary World-System: The Lexicographic Turn Muhsin J. al-Musawi 43
On Mamluk Anthologies Again: The Case of Jamal al-Din al-Waṭwaṭ and His Ghurar al-Khaṣaʾiṣ al-Waḍihah wa-ʿUrar al-Naqaʾiḍ al-Qabihah Antonella Ghersetti 72
Composition and Worldview of some Bourgeois and Petit-Bourgeois Mamluk Adab-Encylopedias Thomas Herzog 100
“Recalling You, My Lord”: ʿĀʾishah al-Baʿuniyah on Dhikr Th. Emil Homerin 130
Insult, Fury, and Frustration: The Martyrological Narrative of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah’s Al-Kafiyah al-Shafiyah Livnat Holtzman 155
Notes on the Literature of Sufi Prayer Commentaries Richard McGregor 199
The Drug Zajals in Ibrahim al-Miʿmar’s Diwan Hakan Özkan 212
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Robert Irwin, Mamluks and Crusaders: Men of the Sword and Men of the Pen Niall Christie 249
Kristen Stilt, Islamic Law in Action: Authority, Discretion, and Everyday Experiences in Mamluk Egypt Caterina Bori 251
ʿĀʾishah al-Baʿuniyah, Sharh al-Badiʿiyah al-Musammah bi-al-Fath al-Mubin fi Madh al-Amin, edited by Riḍa Rajab
ʿĀʾishah al-Baʿuniyah, Badiʿiyat al-Fath al-Mubin fi Madh al-Amin, edited by Ḥasan Rababiʿah
ʿĀʾishah al-Baʿuniyah, Al-Badiʿiyah wa-Sharhuha: al-Fath al-Mubin fi Madh al-Amin, edited by ʿĀdil Kuttab and ʿAbbas Thabit
Th. Emil Homerin 254
Āʾishah al-Baʿuniyah, Al-Qawl al-Ṣahih fi Takhmis Burdat al-Madih, edited by Ḥasan Rababiʿah Th. Emil Homerin 256
Doris Behrens-Abouseif (ed.), The Arts of the Mamluks in Egypt and Syria: Evolution and Impact Jonathan M. Bloom 258
Sulafah ʿAbd Allah, Binaʾ al-Uslub fi al-Muwashshahat al-Mamlukiyah Hakan Özkan 262


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Articles Author(s) Page
The Dhimmi’s Question on Predetermination and the Ulama’s Six Responses: The Dynamics of Composing Polemical Didactic Poems in Mamluk Cairo and Damascus Livnat Holtzman 1
Mamluks and Their Relatives in the Period of the Mamluk Sultanate (1250–1517) Koby Yosef 55
Royal Justice and Religious Law: Siyasah and Shari'ah under the Mamluks Yossef Rapoport 71
Khubz as Iqta' in Four Authors from the Ayyubid and Early Mamluk Periods Felicita Tramontana 103
The 727/1327 Silk Weavers’ Rebellion in Alexandria: Religious Xenophobia, Homophobia, or Economic Grievances Mahmood Ibrahim 123
Finding Meaning in the City: al-Maqrizi’s Use of Poetry in the Khitat Martyn Smith 143
Short Notice: An Arabic History of the Byzantine Empire Yehoshua Frenkel 163
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Katia Cytryn-Silverman, The Road Inns (Khans) in Bilad al-Sham Olivia Remie Constable 165
Salah al-Din Khalil ibn Aybak al-Safadi, Kashf al-Hal fi Wasf al-Khal, Edited by Siham Sallan; Salah al-Din Khalil ibn Aybak al-Safadi, Kashf al-Hal fi Wasf al-Khal, Edited by 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad ibn 'Umar al-'Uqayl; Salah al-Din Khalil ibn Aybak al-Safadi, Kashf al-Hal fi Wasf al-Khal, Edited by Muhammad 'Ayish Adam Talib
Mahdi As'ad 'Arar, Diwan Fayd al-Fadl wa-Jam' al-Shaml Th. Emil Homerin 172
Alan Mikhail, Nature and Empire in Ottoman Egypt: An Environmental History Martyn Smith 175
Leigh Chipman, The World of Pharmacy and Pharmacists in Mamluk Cairo Li Guo 178
Doris Behrens-Abouseif, Cairo of the Mamluks: A History of the Architecture and Its Culture J. M. Rogers 181
Emanations of Grace: Mystical Poems by 'A'ishah al-Ba'uniyah (d. 923/1517), edited and translated by Th. Emil Homerin Richard McGregor 187


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Articles Author(s) Page
Sending Home for Mom and Dad: The Extended Family Impulse in Mamluk Politics Anne F. Broadbridge 1
Climbing the Ladder: Social Mobility in the Mamluk Period Irmeli Perho 19
The Halqah in the Mamluk Army: Why Was it Not Dissolved When It Reached Its Nadir? Amalia Levanoni 37
Hanafism and the turks in al-Tarasusi's Gift for the Turks (1352) Baki Tezcan 67
The Politics of Insult: The Mamluk Sultanate's Response to Criminal Affronts Carl F. Petry 87
On the Brink of a New Era? Yalbugha al-Khassaki (d. 1366) and the Yalbughawiyah Jo Van Steenbergen 117
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Muhsin J. al-Musawi, The Islamic Context of The Thousand and One Nights Robert Irwin 153
Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras IV: Proceedings of the 9th and 10th International Colloquium Organized at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in May 2000 and May 2001, edited by U. Vermeulen and J. Van Steenbergen Paul E. Walker 157
Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras V: Proceedings of the 11th, 12th and 13th International Colloquium Organized at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in May 2002, 2003 and 2004, edited by U. Vermeulen and K. d’Hulster Yossef Rapoport 158
Norman D. Nicol, Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean. Vol. 6, Warren C. Schultz 160
Abdallah Kahil, The Sultan Hasan Complex in Cairo 1357–1364: A Case Study in the FormThe Egyptian Dynastiesation of Mamluk Style Bernard O’Kane 164
The City in the Islamic World, Salma Jayyusi, general editor, Renata Holod, Attilio Petrucciolo, and Andre Raymond, special editors John Rodenbeck 167


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Articles Author(s) Page
Bibliography of Carl F. Petry's Publications vii
Al-Subki and His Women Jonathan P. Berkey 1
“Our Sorry State!” Al-Buṣiri's Lamentations on Life and an Appeal for Cash Th. Emil Homerin 19
Spy or Rebel? The Curious Incident of the Temurid Sultan-Husayn’s Defection to the Mamluks at Damascus in 803/1400–1 Anne F. Broadbridge 29
Mamluk Historical Rajaz Poetry: Ibn Daniyal’s Judge List and Its Later Adaptations Li Guo 43
Who Were the “Salt of the Earth” in Fifteenth-Century Egypt? Amalia Levanoni 63
The Evolution of the Sultanic Fisc and al-Dhakhirah during the Circassian Mamluk Period Igarashi Daisuke 85
From Ceramics to Social Theory: Reflections on Mamluk Archaeology Today Bethany J. Walker 109
Maqriziana IX: Should al-Maqrizi Be Thrown Out with the Bath Water? The Question of His Plagiarism of al-Awhadi’s Khitat and the Documentary Evidence Frederic Bauden 159
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Salah al-Din Khalil Ibn Aybak al-Safadi,Al-Fadl al-Munif fi al-Mawlid al-Sharif wa-Yalihi 'Ibrat al-Labib bi-'Athrat al-Ka'ib, edited by Muhammad 'Ayish; Zayn al-Din Mansur ibn 'Abd al-Rahman al-Hariri al-Dimashqi, Law'at al-Shaki wa-Dam'at al-Baki, edited by Samih Ibrahim Salih Everett K. Rowson 233
Anne F. Broadbridge, Kingship and Ideology in the Islamic and Mongol Worlds Thomas T. Allsen 244
Muhammad 'Abd Allah al-Qadhat, 'A'ilat al-Ba'uni wa-Dawruha fi al-Hayah al-'Ammah fi al-Qarnayn al-Thamin wa-al-Tasi' al-Hijriyayn Th. Emil Homerin 248
Hani Hamza, The Northern Cemetery of Cairo John Rodenbeck 250


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Articles Author(s) Page
Obituary: Winslow W. Clifford, 1954–2009 Bruce D. Craig 1
Introduction Johannes Pahlitzsch 3
Mamluk Religious Policy Jonathan P. Berkey 7
'Ilm, Shafa'ah, and Barakah: The Resources of Ayyubid and Early Mamluk Ulama Daniella Talmon-Heller 23
The Collection and Edition of Ibn Taymiyah’s Works: Concerns of a Disciple Caterina Bori 47
The Problem of Sufism Richard McGregor 69
Idealism and Intransigence: A Christian-Muslim Encounter in Early Mamluk Times David Thomas 85
A Christian Arab Gospel Book: Cairo, Coptic Museum MS Bibl. 90 in its Mamluk Context Lucy-Anne Hunt 105
At the Limits of Communal Autonomy: Jewish Bids for Intervention from the Mamluk State Marina Rustow 133
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-FarghaniMuntaha al-Madarik fi Sharh Ta'iyat Ibn al-Farid Th. Emil Homerin 161
Nur al-Din 'Ali ibn 'Abd al-Rahim ibn Ahmad al-Katib al-Malaki al-Muzaffari Ibn al-Mughayzil, Dhayl Mufarrij al-Kurub fi Akhbar Bani Ayyub Paul M. Cobb 163
Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras III: Proceedings of the 6th, 7th and 8th International Colloquium Organized at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in May 1997, 1998 and 1999, edited by U. Vermeulen and J. Van Steenbergen Albrecht Fuess 165
Tamim Ma'mun Mardam Bek,Al-Malik Qansuh al-Ghawri al-Ashraf wa-al-Wazir Lala Mustafa Basha Dhi al-Sayf al-Ahnaf Igarashi Daisuke 169
Muhammad 'Ali Suwayriki, 'A'ishah al-Ba'uniyah: Fadilat al-Zaman (865–922 H = 1460–1516 M) Th. Emil Homerin 170
Daniella Talmon-Heller,Islamic Piety in Medieval Syria: Mosques, Cemeteries and Sermons under the Zangids and Ayyubids Zayde Antrim 171
Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn 'Ali al-Nawaji, Ta'hil al-Gharib Geert Jan van Gelder 174
Ibn al-Ji'an, Al-Qawl al-Mustazraf fi Safar al-Malik al-Ashraf Qaytbay, and Anonymous, Tarikh al-Malik al-Ashraf Qaytbay Li Guo 177


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Articles Author(s) Page
Symbiotic Relations: Ulama and the Mamluk Sultans Yaacov Lev 1
The Financial Reforms of Sultan Qaytbay Igarashi Daisuke 27
The Sons of al-Nasir Muhammad and the Politics of Puppets: Where Did It All Start? Frederic Bauden 53
The Tribal Dimension in Mamluk-Jordanian Relations Bethany J. Walker 83
An Unpublished Anthology of the Mamluk Period on Generosity and Generous Men Antonella Ghersetti 107
Zulm by Mazalim? The Political Implications of the Use of Mazalim Jurisdiction by the Mamluk Sultans Albrecht Fuess 121
Awqaf in Mamluk Bilad al-Sham Yehoshua Frenkel 149
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Li Guo, Commerce, Culture, and Community in a Red Sea Port in the Thirteenth Century: The Arabic Documents from Quseir Frederic Bauden 167
'Abd al-Rahman Mudayris al-Mudayris, Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki (648–923 H./1250–1517 M.): Dirasah Tarikhiyah John L. Meloy 172
Jon Hoover, Ibn Taymiyya’s Theodicy of Perpetual Optimism Caterina Bori 173
Sami G. Massoud, The Chronicles and Annalistic Sources of the Early Mamluk Circassian Period Paulina B. Lewicka 178
Bernadette Martel-Thoumian, Catalogue des manuscrits historiques de la Bibliothèque nationale de Damas: Periode mamlouke Rene-Vincent du Grandlaunay 183
Yossef Rapoport Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic Society Li Guo 191
Caterina Bori, Ibn Taymiyya: una vita esemplare: Analisi delle fonti classiche della sua biografia Aram Shahin 195


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Articles Author(s) Page
Tankiz ibn 'Abd Allah al-Husami al-Nasiri (d. 740/1340) as Seen by His Contemporary al-Safadi (d. 764/1363) Stephan Conermann 1
Ibn Nubatah al-Misri (686–768/1287–1366): Life and Works Part II: The Diwanof Ibn Nubatah Thomas Bauer 25
Sultans with Horns: The Political Significance of Headgear in the Mamluk Empire Albrecht Fuess 71
The Formation of the Civilian Elite in the Syrian Province: The Case of Ayyubid and Early Mamluk Hamah Konrad Hirschler 95
The Ayyubid and Mamluk Revaluation of the Hinterland and Western Historical Cartography Kurt Franz 133
The 'Attar Mosque in Tripoli Miriam Kühn 159
The Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad Madrasah in Cairo: Restoration and Archaeological Investigation Philipp Speiser 197
When Is It Possible to Call Something Beautiful?: Some Observations about Aesthetics in Islamic Literature and Art Rudolf Veselý 223
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Timothy May, The Mongol Art of War: Chinggis Khan and the Mongol Military System Patrick Wing 231
History and Historiography of Post-Mongol Central Asia and the Middle East: Studies in Honor of John E. Woods, edited by Judith Pfeiffer and Sholeh A. Quinn in collaboration with Ernest Tucker Thomas T. Allsen 234
Adam Silverstein, Postal Systems in the Pre-Modern Islamic World Elizabeth Urban 239


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Articles Author(s) Page
Ibn Nubatah al-Misri (686–768/1287–1366): Life and Works Part I: The Life of Ibn Nubatah Thomas Bauer 1
The Political Thinking of the "Virtuous Ruler," Qansuh al-Ghawri Robert Irwin 37
Maqriziana II: Discovery of an Autograph Manuscript of al-Maqrizi: Towards a Better Understanding of His Working Method: Analysis Frederic Bauden 51
Mamluks of Mongol Origin and Their Role in Early Mamluk Political Life Reuven Amitai 119
Some Aspects of the Economic and Social Life of Ibn Taghribirdi Based on an Examination of His Waqfiyah Hani Hamza 139
A Legal Instrument in the Service of People and Institutions: Endowments in Mamluk Jerusalem as Mirrored in the Haram Documents Christian Müller 173
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Response to Thomas Bauer, review of Arabic Literature in the Post-Classical Period, edited by Roger Allen and D. S. Richards Salma Khadra Jayyusi 193
Denise Aigle, Le Fars sous la domination Mongole: Politique et Fiscalite (XIIIe–XIVe s.) Patrick Wing 208
Al-Ta'liq: Yawmiyat Shihab al-Din Ahmad Ibn Tawq, edited by Ja'far al-Muhajir Li Guo 210
Hasan M. El-Shamy, A Motif Index of The Thousand and One Nights Robert Irwin 218
Muslim Military Architecture in Greater Syria: From the Coming of Islam to the Ottoman Period, edited by Hugh Kennedy Reuven Amitai 220
Lucian Reinfandt Mamlukische Sultansstiftungen des 9./15. Jahrhunderts: Nach den Urkunden der Stifter al-Ašraf Inal und al-Mu'ayyad Ahmad Ibn Inal Johannes Pahlitzsch 227


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Articles Author(s) Page
Women and Gender in Mamluk Society: An Overview Yossef Rapoport 1
The Four Madrasahs in the Complex of Sultan Hasan (1356–61): The Complete Survey Howayda al-Harithy 49
The Decline of the Ilkhanate and the Mamluk Sultanate’s Eastern Frontier Patrick Wing 77
The Mongol Invasions of Bilad al-Sham by Ghazan Khan and Ibn Taymiyah’s Three "Anti-Mongol" Fatwas Denise Aigle 89
Some Remarks on Ibn Tawq’s (d. 915/1509) Journal Al-Ta'liq, vol. 1 (885/1480 to 890/1485) Stephan Conermann and Tilman Seidensticker 121
In Search of "Post-Classical Literature": A Review Article Thomas Bauer 137
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Al-Mawa'iz wa-al-I'tibar fi Dhikr al-Khitat wa-al-Athar li-Taqi al-Din Ahmad ibn 'Ali ibn 'Abd al-Qadir al-Maqrizi, vols. 1–2, edited by Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid Frederic Bauden 169
'Ali ibn Dawud al-Jawhari al-Sayrafi, Inba' al-Hasr bi-Abna' al-'Asr, 2nd ed., edited by Hasan Habashi Stephan Conermann 176
Robert Irwin, For Lust of Knowing: The Orientalists and Their Enemies John Rodenbeck 179
Sirat al-Malik al-Zahir Baybars hasb al-Riwayah al-Shamiyah, edited by Jurj Buhasand Katya Zakhariya Li Guo 183
Sa'ib 'Abd al-Hamid, 'Ilm al-Tarikh wa-Manahij al-Mu'arrikhin: fi 'Ilm al-Tarikh Nash'atan wa-Tadwinan wa-Naqdan wa-Falsafatan wa-Manahij Kibar Mu'arrikhi al-Islam June Dahy 189
Stiftungen in Christentum, Judentum und Islam vor der Moderne: Auf der Suche nach ihren Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschieden in religiösen Grundlagen, praktischen Zwecken und historischen Transformationen, edited by Michael Borgolte Albrecht Fuess 193
Noble Ideals and Bloody Realities: Warfare in the Middle Ages, edited by Niall Christie and Maya Yazigi Walter Kaegi 197
Mamluks and Ottomans: Studies in Honour of Michael Winter, edited by David J. Wasserstein and Ami Ayalon W. W. Clifford 199
Nicholas WarnerThe True Description of Cairo: A Sixteenth-Century Venetian View John Rodenbeck 203
Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti, Kawkab al-Rawdah fi Tarikh al-Nil wa-Jazirat al-Rawdah, edited by Muhammad al-Shishtawi Stephan Conermann 206


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Articles Author(s) Page
Making Syria Mamluk: Ibn Shaddad’s Al-A'laq al-Khatirah Zayde Antrim 1
Fiscal Administration in Syria during the Reign of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad Sato Tsugitaka 19
Public Projection of Power in Mamluk Bilad al-Sham Yehoshua Frenkel 39
The Use of Fortification as a Political Instrument by the Ayyubids and the Mamluks in Bilad al-Sham and in Egypt (Twelfth–Thirteenth Centuries) Benjamin Michaudel 55
Practice and Reform in Fourteenth-Century Damascene Madrasahs Mahmood Ibrahim 69
A Mamluk Monument "Restored": The Dar al-Qur'an wa-al-Hadith of Tankiz al-Nasiri in Damascus Ellen Kenney 85
Fahl during the Early Mamluk Period: Archaeological Perspectives Stephen Mcphillips and Alan Walmsley 119
Khirbat Faris: Vernacular Architecture on the Karak Plateau, Jordan Alison Mcquitty 157
Sowing the Seeds of Rural Decline?: Agriculture as an Economic Barometer for Late Mamluk Jordan Bethany J. Walker 173
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
The Diwan of Ibn al-Farid: Readings of its Text Throughout History, edited by Giuseppe Scattolin Th. Emil Homerin 201
Stuart J. Borsch, The Black Death in Egypt and England: A Comparative Study Ralph S. Hattox 203
Ahmad Subhi Mansur, Al-'Aqa'id al-Diniyah fi Misr al-Mamlukiyah bayna al-Islam wa-al-Tasawwuf Richard McGregor 205
Anne-Marie Edde, La principaute Ayyoubide d'Alep (579/1183–658/1260) Bethany J. Walker 207
Shams al-Din Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah, Al-Turuq al-Hukmiyah fi al-Siyasah al-Shar'iyah, aw, Al-Firasah al-Mardiyah fi Ahkam al-Siyasah al-Shar'iyah, edited by Sayyid 'Umran Jon Hoover 213
'Amir Najib Musa Nasir, Al-Hayah al-Iqtisadiyah fi Misr fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki Stuart Borsch 216
Hasan Ahmad Jagham, Al-Jins fi A'mal al-Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti Syrinx von Hees 217
Ahmad Hutayt, Qadaya min Tarikh al-Mamalik al-Siyasi wa-al-Hadari (648–923 H/1250–1517 M) Amalia Levanoni 219
Subhi 'Abd al-Mun'im, Al-Mughul wa-al-Mamalik: al-Siyasah wa-al-Sira' Anne F. Broadbridge 221
'Imad Abu Ghazi, Tuman Bay: al-Sultan al-Shahid Ralph S. Hattox 223
Damien Coulon, Barcelone et le grand commerce d'orient au moyen age: un siecle de relations avec l'Egypte et la Syrie-Palestine, ca. 1330–ca. 1430 Benjamin Arbel 225
Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Nawaji, Kitab al-Shifa' fi Badi' al-Iktifa', edited by Hasan Muhammad 'Abd al-Hadi Geert Jan van Gelder 233


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Articles Author(s) Page
Medieval Egyptian Society and the Concept of the Circle of Justice Linda T. Darling 1
Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah: His Life and Works Birgit Krawietz 19
Coptic Conversion and the Islamization of Egypt Shaun O'sullivan 65
Maqriziana I: Discovery of an Autograph Manuscript of al-Maqrizi: Towards a Better Understanding of His Working Method: Description: Section 2 Frederic Bauden 81
Crime in Mamluk Historiography: A Fraud Case Depicted by Ibn Taghribirdi Carl F. Petry 141
The Making of a Sufi: al-Nuwayri's Account of the Origin of Genghis Khan Lyall Armstrong 153
The Turbah of Tankizbugha Hani Hamza 161
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
'Abd al-Basit¸ ibn Khalil, Nayl al-Amal fi Dhayl al-Duwal, edited by 'Umar 'Abd al-Salam Tadmuri Boaz Shoshan 183
Angus Donal Stewart, The Armenian Kingdom and the Mamluks: War and Diplomacy during the Reigns of Het'um II (1289–1307) Patrick Wing 184
'Ala' Taha Rizq Husayn, Al-Suj_un wa-al-'Uqubat fi Misr: 'Asr Salatin al-Mamalik Carl F. Petry 187
Albrecht Fuess, Verbranntes Ufer: Auswirkungen mamlukischer Seepolitik auf Beirut und die syro-palästinensische Küste (1250–1517) Patrick Franke 191
Helena Hallenberg, Ibrahim al-Dasuqi (1255–1296): a Saint Invented Richard McGregor 194
Making Cairo Medieval, edited by Nezar AlSayyad, A. Irene Bierman, and Nasser Rabbat John Rodenbeck 196
Khalil ibn Aybak al-Safadi, Ikhtira' al-Khura', edited by Faruq Aslim Vanessa De Gifis 204
'Ali Haydar, Madkhal ila Dirasat al-Tasawwuf: al-Shi'r al-Sufi fi al-Qarn al-Sabi' al-Hijri wa-al-'Asr al-Mamluki wa-al-'Asr al-'Uthmani Peter Heath 209
Fahmi 'Abd al-'Alim, Al-'Imarah al-Islamiyah fi 'Asr al-Mamalik al-Zharakisah: 'Asr al-Sultan al-Mu'ayyad Shaykh Nasser Rabbat 210


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Articles Author(s) Page
Mamluk Studies in Japan: Retrospect and Prospect Sato Tsugitaka 1
An Analysis of 'Abd al-Basit al-Hanafi al-Malati's Description of the Year 848: On the Process of Writing History in the Late Fifteenth Century Kikuchi Tadayoshi 29
The Rank and Status of Military Refugees in the Mamluk Army: A Reconsideration of the Wafidiyah Nakamachi Nobutaka 55
Cairene Cemeteries as Public Loci in Mamluk Egypt Ohtoshi Tetsuya 83
The Establishment and Development of al-Diwan al-Mufrad: Its Background and Implications Igarashi Daisuke 117
Slave Traders and Karimi Merchants during the Mamluk Period: A Comparative Study Sato Tsugitaka 141
Urban Society in Damascus as the Mamluk Era Was Ending Miura Toru 157
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Response to Th. Emil Homerin, review of Sanctity and Mysticism in Medieval Egypt: The Wafa' Sufi Order and the Legacy of Ibn 'Arabi, by Richard J. A. McGregor Richard J. A. McGregor 195
Ahmad Fawzi al-Hayb, Al-Tasannu' wa-Ruh al-'Asr al-Mamluki Roger Allen 196
Suhayr Muhammad Ibrahim Nu'ayni', Al-Hurub al-Salibiyah al-Muta'akhkhirah: Hamlat Butrus al-Awwal Lusinyan 'ala al-Iskandariyah, 1365 M/747 H Niall Christie 199
Muhammad Yusuf Ayyub, Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani: Hayatuhu wa-Shi'ruh Ahmad Khalid Jidah, Al-Madaris wa-Nizam al-Ta'lim fi Bilad al-Sham fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki Walid Saleh 201
Kitab Waqf al-Sultan al-Nasir Hasan bin Muhammad bin Qalawun 'ala Madrasatihi bi-al-Rumaylah, edited by Huwayda al-Harithi Johannes Pahlitzsch 203
Yahya ibn 'Abd al-'Azim al-Jazzar, Diwan al-Jazzar, edited by Muhammad Zaghlul Sallam, 'Umar ibn Mas'ud al-Mahhar, Diwan Siraj al-Din al-Mahhar, edited by Ahmad Muhammad 'Ata Thomas Bauer 206
Ra'id Mustafa Hasan 'Abd al-Rahim, Fann al-Ritha' fi al-Shi'r al-'Arabi fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki al-Awwal Th. Emil Homerin 213
Governing the Holy City: The Interaction of Social Groups in Jerusalem between the Fatimid and the Ottoman Period, edited by Johannes Pahlitzsch and Lorenz Korn Niall Christie 219
Salah al-Din Khalil Ibn Aybak al-Safadi (attributed), Law'at al-Shaki wa-Dam'at al-Baki, edited by Muhammad 'Ayish Everett K. Rowson 222


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Articles Author(s) Page
The Study of Islam within Mamluk Domains Th. Emil Homerin 1
Mediators Between East and West: Christians Under Mamluk Rule Johannes Pahlitzsch 31
The Sale of Office and Its Economic Consequences during the Rule of the Last Circassians (872–922/1468–1516) Bernadette Martel-Thoumian 49
Economic Intervention and the Political Economy of the Mamluk State under al-Ashraf Barsbay John L. Meloy 85
Mamluk Literature: Misunderstandings and New Approaches Thomas Bauer 105
Popular Culture under the Mamluks: A Historiographical Survey Jonathan P. Berkey 133
Veneto-Saracenic Metalware, a Mamluk Art Doris Behrens-Abouseif 147
Mamluk Elite on the Eve of al-Nasir Muhammad's Death (1341): A Look behind the Scenes of Mamluk Politics Jo Van Steenbergen 173
Food and Cooking during the Mamluk Era: Social and Political Implications Amalia Levanoni 201
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Die Mamluken: Studien zu ihrer Geschichte und Kultur: Zum Gedenken an Ulrich Haarmann,1942–1999, edited by Stephan Conermann and Anja Pistor-Hatam Donald P. Little 223
Zamya' Muhammad 'Abbas al-Samarra'i, Al-Manhaj al-Tarikhi 'inda al-Qalqashandi: Dirasah Tahliliyah Li Guo 226
Mahmud Salim Muhammad, Ibn al-Wardi: Adib Bilad al-Sham Konrad Hirschler 229
Jamal Fawzi Muhammad 'Ammar, Al-Tarikh wa-al-Mu'arrikhun fi Bilad al-Sham fi 'Asr al-Hurub al-Salibiyah (521–660 H.) Niall Christie 230
Taha Thalji Tarawinah, The Province of Damascus during the Second Mamluk Period (784/1382–922/1516) Bethany Walker 232
Olivia Remie Constable, Housing the Stranger in the Mediterranean World: Lodging, Trade, and Travel in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages Stuart Borsch 235
Richard J. A. McGregor, Sanctity and Mysticism in Medieval Egypt: The Wafa' Sufi Order and the Legacy of Ibn 'Arabi Th. Emil Homerin 238


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Articles Author(s) Page
Publications of Donald P. Little
Mamluk Era Documentary Studies: The State of the Art Frederic Bauden 15
The Conquest of Arsuf by Baybars: Political and Military Aspects Reuven Amitai 61
The Archaeological Evidence from the Mamluk Siege of Arsuf Kate Raphael and Yotam Tepper 85
Tales of a Medieval Cairene Harem: Domestic Life in al-Biqa'i's Autobiographical Chronicle Li Guo 101
The Construction of Gender Symbolism in Ibn Sirin's and Ibn Shahin's Medieval Arabic Dream Texts Huda Lutfi 123
Notes on the Contemporary Sources of the Year 793 Sami G. Massoud 163
The al-Nashw Episode: A Case Study of "Moral Economy" Amalia Levanoni 207
The Politics of the Mamluk Sultanate: A Review Essay R. Stephen Humphreys 221
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi, Rasa'il al-Maqrizi, edited by Ramadan al-Badri and Ahmad Mustafa Qasim Li Guo 233
Isma'il Muhammad Husam al-Din, Al-Usul al-Mamlukiyah lil-'Ama'ir al-'Uthmaniyah Howayda al-Harithy 234
Nu'man Mahmud Jubran and Muhammad Hasan al-'Imadi, Dirasat fi Tarikh al-Ayyubiyin wa-al-Mamalik Li Guo 236
Money, Land and Trade: An Economic History of the Muslim Mediterranean, edited by Nelly Hanna Warren C. Schultz 238
Qasim 'Abduh Qasim, Fi Tarikh al-Ayyubiyin wa-al-Mamalik Konrad Hirschler 240
Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Dhahabi, Al-Mu'in fi Tabaqat al-Muhaddithin, edited by Muhammad al-Sa'id ibn Basyuni Zaghlul Li Guo 243


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Articles Author(s) Page
Invisible Peasants, Marauding Nomads: Taxation, Tribalism, and Rebellion in Mamluk Egypt Yossef Rapoport 1
Sharp Practice in Levantine Trade in the Late Middle Ages: The Brizi-Corner Affair of 1376–77 Ralph S. Hattox 23
The Last Decades of Venice's Trade with the Mamluks: Importations into Egypt and Syria Benjamin Arbel 37
Sugar in the Economic Life of Mamluk Egypt Sato Tsugitaka 87
A Note on Archaeological Evidence for Sugar Production in the Middle Islamic Periods in Bilad al-Sham Katherine Strange Burke 109
Mamluk Investment in Transjordan: a "Boom and Bust" Economy Bethany J. Walker 119
The Regime and the Urban Wheat Market: The Famine of 662/1263–64 in Cairo Yaacov Lev 149
Reconstructing Life in Medieval Alexandria from an Eighth/Fourteenth Century Waqf Document Niall Christie 163
Thirty Years after Lopez, Miskimin, and Udovitch Stuart J. Borsch 191
The Rise of a New Class? Land Tenure in Fifteenth-Century Egypt: A Review Article Adam Sabra 203
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Ihsan 'Abbas, Tarikh Bilad al-Sham fi 'Asr al-Mamalik, 648–923 H./1250–1517 M. Josef Meri 211
Badr al-Din Mahmud al-'Ayni, 'Iqd al-Juman fi Tarikh Ahl al-Zaman: al-'Asr al-Ayyubi (Part 1) Konrad Hirschler 213
Ahmad ibn Muhammad Ibn 'Arabshah, Fakihat al-Khulafa' wa-Mufakahat al-Zurafa', edited by Ayman 'Abd al-Jabir al-Buhayri Arnoud Vrolijk 215
Shawkat Ramadan Hujjah, Al-Tarikh al-Siyasi li-Mint¸aqat Sharqi al-Urdun min Janub al-Sham fi 'Asr Dawlat al-Mamalik al-Thaniyah Bethany Walker 219
Fustat Finds: Beads, Coins, Medical Instruments, Textiles and Other Artifacts from the Awad Collection, edited by Jere L. Bacharach Warren C. Schultz 224
Shihab al-Din Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Umar al-Ansari Ibn al-Himsi, Hawadith al-Zaman wa-Wafayat al-Shuyukh wa-al-Aqran, edited by 'Umar 'Abd al-Salam Tadmuri Carl Petry 226
'Umar Ibn al-Farid, 'Umar Ibn al-Farid: Sufi Verse, Saintly Life, translated and introduced by Th. Emil Homerin Michael Winter 228
Majdi 'Abd al-Rashid Bahr, Al-Qaryah al-Misriyah fi 'Asr Salat¸in al-Mamalik, 648–923 H./1250–1517 M. William Tucker 232


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Articles Author(s) Page
Ceramic Evidence for Political Transformations in Early Mamluk Egypt Bethany J. Walker 1
Ibn Tulun (d. 955/1548): Life and Works Stephan Conermann 115
Mamluk Furusiyah Literature and Its Antecedents Shihab Al-Sarraf 141
Political Violence and Ideology in Mamluk Society Daniel Beaumont 201
Black Camels and Blazing Bolts: The Bolt-Projecting Trebuchet in the Mamluk Army Paul E. Chevedden 227
The Fire of 884/1479 at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus and an Account of Its Restoration Doris Behrens-Abouseif 279
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Ahmad ibn 'Ali al-Maqrizi, Al-Mawa'iz wa-al-I'tibar bi-Dhikr al-Khitat wa-al-Athar, edited by Muhammad Zaynhum and Madihah al-Sharqawi Frederic Bauden 299
'Adil Sharif 'Allam, Al-Nusus al-Ta'sisiyah 'ala al-'Ama'ir al-Diniyah al-Mamlukiyah al-Baqiyah bi-Madinat al-Qahirah Dina Ghaly 300
The Divan of Qansuh al-Ghuri, edited by Mehmet Yalçin; Kansu Gavri'nin Türkçe Divani, edited by Orhan Yavuz Robert Dankoff 303
'Abbud Qarah, Adab al-Furusiyah 'inda al-'Arab Muhammad Ibn Manjli, Al-Hiyal fi al-Hurub wa-Fath al-Mada'in wa-Hifz al-Durub Jo Van Steenbergen 308
Muhammad Ibn 'Azzuz, Madrasat al-Hadith fi Bilad al-Sham khilala al-Qarn al-Thamin al-Hijri Michael B. Schub 311
François Charette, Mathematical Instrumentation in Fourteenth-Century Egypt and Syria: The Illustrated Treatise of Najm al-Din al-Misri Irina Lyuter 312
Khalil Ibn Aybak al-Safadi, Al-Kashf wa-al-Tanbih 'ala al-Wasf wa-al-Tashbih Nabil Muhammad Rashad, Al-Safadi wa-Sharhhuhu 'ala Lamiyat al-'Ajam Everett Rowson 315
The Historiography of Islamic Egypt (c. 950-1800), edited by Hugh Kennedy Anne F. Broadbridge 323
Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Fasi, Shifa' al-Gharam bi-Akhbar al-Balad al-Haram, edited by Sa'id 'Abd al-Fattah; Idem, Al-Zuhur al-Muqtatafah min Tarikh Makkah al-Musharrafah, edited by Adib Muhammad al-Ghazzawi; Idem, Al-Zuhur al-Muqtatafah min Tarikh Makkah al-Musharrafah, edited by 'Ali 'Umar Frederic Bauden 327


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Articles Author(s) Page
Who Was al-Maqrizi? A Biographical Sketch Nasser Rabbat 1
Maqriziana I: Discovery of an Autograph Manuscript of al-Maqrizi: Towards a Better Understanding of His Working Method: Description: Section 1 Frederic Bauden 21
Al-Maqrizi, Hashimism, and the Early Caliphates Paul M. Cobb 69
Al-Maqrizi and the Fatimids Paul E. Walker 83
Al-Maqrizi as a Historian of the Early Mamluk Sultanate (or: Is al-Maqrizi an Unrecognized Historiographical Villain?) Reuven Amitai 99
Al-Maqrizi as a Historian of the Reign of Barquq Sami G. Massoud 119
Al-Maqrizi's Discussion of Imprisonment and Description of Jails in the Khitat Carl F. Petry 137
Al-Maqrizi's Khitat and the Urban Structure of Mamluk Cairo Andre Raymond 145
"It Has No Root Among Any Community That Believes in Revealed Religion, Nor Legal Foundation for Its Implementation": Placing al-Maqrizi's Comments on Money in a Wider Context Warren C. Schultz 169
The Merits of Economic History: Re-Reading al-Maqrizi's Ighathah and Shudhur John L. Meloy 183
A Comparison of al-Maqrizi and al-'Ayni as Historians of Contemporary Events Donald P. Little 205
Al-Maqrizi and Ibn Khaldun, Historians of the Unseen Robert Irwin 217
Royal Authority, Justice, and Order in Society: The Influence of Ibn Khaldun on the Writings of al-Maqrizi and Ibn Taghribirdi Anne F. Broadbridge 231
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Fayizah al-Wakil, Al-Shiwar (Jihaz al-'Arus fi Misr fi 'Asr Salatin al-Mamalik ) Vanessa de Gifis 247
Yasser Tabbaa, The Transformation of Islamic Art during the Sunni Revival Nasser Rabbat 250
Nabil Muhammad 'Abd al-'Aziz, Riyadat al-Sayd fi 'Asr Salatin al-Mamalik Niall Christie 254
Shawqi 'Abd al-Qawi 'Uthman, Al-Tijarah bayna Misr wa-Afriqiya fi Asr Salatin al-Mamalik, 1250–1517 M., 648–922 H Adam Sabra 255
Andre Raymond, Cairo: City of History, trans. Willard Wood Bernard O'Kane 257
Adam Sabra, Poverty and Charity in Medieval Islam: Mamluk Egypt 1250–1517 Boaz Shoshan 259
Tabiq al-Ashrafi al-Baklamishi, Ghunyat al-Rami wa-Ghayat al-Marami fi 'Ilm al-Ramy 'an al-Qaws Niall Christie 263


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Articles Author(s) Page
Mamluk Literature Robert Irwin 1
Poetry for Easy Listening: Insijam and Related Concepts in Ibn Hijjah's Khizanat al-Adab Geert Jan van Gelder 31
Communication and Emotion: The Case of Ibn Nubatah's Kindertotenlieder Thomas Bauer 49
An Alexandrian Age in Fourteenth-Century Damascus: Twin Commentaries on Two Celebrated Arabic Epistles Everett Rowson 97
Vindicating a Profession or a Personal Career? Al-Qalqashandi's Maqamah in Context Muhsin Jassim al-Musawi 111
The First Layer of the Sirat Baybars: Popular Romance and Political Propaganda Thomas Herzog 137
The Shadow Play in Mamluk Egypt: The Genre and Its Cultural Implications Amila Buturovic 149
The Devil's Advocate: Ibn Daniyal's Art of Parody in His Qasidah No. 71 Li Guo 177
Living Love: The Mystical Writings of 'A'ishah al-Ba'uniyah (d. 922/1516) Th. Emil Homerin 211
Laila 'Ali Ibrahim, 1917–2002 (obituary) Nasser Rabbat 235
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Hasan Rababi'ah, 'A'ishah al-Ba'uniyah: Sha'irah Th. Emil Homerin 237
Moshe Hartal, The al-Subayba (Nimrod) Fortress: Towers 11 and 9: With Contributions by Reuven Amitai and Adrian Boas Lorenz Korn 239
Shams al-Din Muhammad Ibn Tulun, Mufakahat al-Khillan fi Hawadith al-Zaman, edited by Salah al-Din Khalil al-Shaybani al-Mawsili, and Ahmad ibn Munla/Ibn Tulun, Mut'at al-Adhhan min al-Tamattu' bi-al-Iqran bayna Tarajim al-Shuyukh wa-al-Aqran, edited by Salah al-Din Khalil al-Shaybani al-Mawsili Stephan Conermann 242
Jonathan P. Berkey, Popular Preaching and Religious Authority in the Medieval Islamic Near East Th. Emil Homerin 246
Jean-Claude Garcin, ed., Grandes villes mediterraneennes du monde musulman medieval Paulina Lewicka 249
'Imad Badr al-Din Abu Ghazi, Tatawwur al-Hiyazah al-Zira'iyah fi Misr Zaman al-Mamalik al-Jarakisah Igarashi Daisuke 254
Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani, Dhayl al-Durar al-Kaminah fi A'yan al-Mi'ah al-Thaminah, edited by Ahmad Farid al-Mazidi, Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani, Dhayl al-Durar al-Kaminah fi A'yan al-Mi'ah al-Thaminah, edited by 'Adnan Darwish, and Sulayman Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Ibn Duqmaq, Nuzhat al-Anam fi Tarikh al-Islam Thomas Bauer 257
'Aziz al-'Azmah, Ibn Taymiyah Jon Hoover 262
Sulayman al-Madani, Timurlank fi Dimashq Zayde G. Antrim 264
Arnoud Vrolijk, Bringing a Laugh to a Scowling Face: a Study and Critical Edition of the "Nuzhat al-Nufus wa-Mudhik al-'Abus" by 'Ali Ibn Sudun al-Bašbugawi (Cairo 810/1407–Damascus 868/1464), and 'Ali Ibn Sudun al-Yashbaghawi, Nuzhat al-Nufus wa-Mudhik al-'Abus, edited by Mahmud Salim Thomas Bauer 267


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Articles Author(s) Page
"Mediators and Wanderers": Ulrich Haarmann and Mamluk Studies W. W. Clifford 1
Notes on Mamluk Madrasahs Donald P. Little 9
Awlad al-Nas as Founders of Pious Endowments: The Waqfiyah of Yahya ibn Tughan al-Hasani of the Year 870/1465 Stephan Conermann and Suad Saghbini 21
Religious Endowments and Succession to Rule: The Career of a Sultan's Son in the Fifteenth Century Lucian Reinfandt 51
The Privatization of "Justice" Under the Circassian Mamluks Robert Irwin 63
Sultan al-Ghawri and the Arts Doris Behrens-Abouseif 71
Between Qadis and Muftis: To Whom Does the Mamluk Sultan Listen? Leonor Fernandes 95
What Ibn Khaldun Saw: The Judiciary of Mamluk Egypt Morimoto Kosei 109
Aspects of Islamization of Space and Society in Mamluk Jerusalem and Its Hinterland Nimrod Luz 133
Perception of Architecture in Mamluk Sources Nasser Rabbat 155
Qaytbay's Diplomatic Dilemma Concerning the Flight of Cem Sultan (1481-82) Ralph S. Hattox 177
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Faris Ahmad al-'Alawi, 'A'ishah al-Ba'uniyah al-Dimashqiyah Th. Emil Homerin 191
U. Vermeulen and D. de Smet eds., Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras, II: Proceedings of the 4th and 5th International Colloquium organized at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in May 1995 and 1996 Paul Walker 193
Thomas Philipp and Ulrich Haarmann, eds., The Mamluks in Egyptian Politics and Society W. W. Clifford 194
Ahmad Muhammad 'Ata, ed., Diwan al-Muwashshahat al-Mamlukiyah fi Misr wa-al-Sham: al-Dawlah al-Ula (648–784 H./1250–1382 M.) Mustapha Kamal 198
Ahmad Subhi Mansur, Muqaddimat Ibn Khaldun: Dirasah Usuliyah Tarikhiyah Otfried Weintritt 202
Qasim 'Abduh Qasim, 'Asr Salatin al-Mamalik: al-Tarikh al-Siyasi wa-al-Ijtima'i Thomas 'Herzog 205
Muhammad al-Shushtawi, Mutanazzahat al-Qahirah fi al-‘Asrayn al-Mamluki wa-al-'Uthmani Leonor Fernandes 208
Muhammad Fathi al-Sha'ir, Al-Sharqiyah fi 'Asray Salatin al-Ayyubiyin wa-al-Mamalik Niall Christie 210
Muhammad al-Tunji, Bilad al-Sham ibbana al-Ghazw al-Maghuli Johannes Pahlitzsch 211
Mahasin Muhammad al-Waqqad, Al-Yahud fi Misr al-Mamlukiyah fi Daw' Watha'iq al-Jinizah, 648–923 H./1250–1517 M. Josef W. Meri 215
Baybars al-Mansur al-Dawadar, Zubdat al-Fikrah fi Tarikh al-Hijrah: History of the Early Mamluk Period, edited by D. S. Richards Li Guo 217
Mahmud Salim Muhammad, Ibn Nubatah: Sha'ir al-'Asr al-Mamluki Thomas Bauer 219
Ahmad Qadri al-Kilani, Al-Malik al-'Alim Abu al-Fida', Malik Hamah Niall Christie 224
Doris Behrens-Abouseif, ed., The Cairo Heritage: Essays in Honor of Laila Ali Ibrahim Bethany J. Walker 227
Yaacov Lev, ed., War and Society in the Eastern Mediterranean, 7th–15th Centuries W. W. Clifford 231
Qasim 'Abduh Qasim, Al-Sultan al-Muzaffar Sayf al-Din Qutuz, Batal Ma'rakat 'Ayn Jalut Amalia Levanoni 235
Mas'ud al-Rahman Khan al-Nadwi, Al-Imam Ibn Kathir: Siratuhu wa-Mu'allafatuhu wa-Manhajuhu fi Kitabat al-Tarikh Amina Elbendary 237


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Articles Author(s) Page
The Mamluk System of Rule in the Eyes of Western Travelers Ulrich Haarmann 1
Mamluk Egyptian Copper Coinage Before 759/1357-1358: A Preliminary Inquiry Warren C. Schultz 25
Rotting Ships and Razed Harbors: The Naval Policy of the Mamluks Albrecht Fuess 45
Al-Suyuti and His Works: Their Place in Islamic Scholarship from Mamluk Times to the Present Marlis J. Saleh 73
Mamluk Legitimacy and the Mongols: The Reigns of Baybars and Qalawun Anne F. Broadbridge 91
Qalawun's Patronage of the Medical Sciences in Thirteenth-Century Egypt Linda S. Northrup 119
The Sultan, the Tyrant and the Hero: Changing Medieval Perceptions of al-Zahir Baybars Amina A. Elbendary 141
Arabic Studies of Mamluk Jerusalem: A Review Article Robert Schick 159
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Subhi 'Abd al-Mun'im Muhammad, Taqi al-Din al-Fasi: Ra'id al-Mu'arrikhin al-Hijaziyin (832-775 H./1373-1429 M.) Li Guo 169
Ibn Qadi Shuhbah, Tarikh Ibn Qadi Shuhbah, volume 4, edited by Adnan Darwich David Reisman 175
'Adnan Muhammad Fayiz al-Harithi, 'Imarat al-Madrasah fi Misr wa-al-Hijaz fi al-Qarn 9 H./15 M.: Dirasah Muqaranah Doris Behrens-Abouseif 180
Fadi Ilyas Tawwa, Al-Manakh wa-al-As'ar wa-al-Amrad fi Bilad al-Sham fi 'Ahd al-Mamalik (648-922 H./1250-1516 M.) William Tucker 183
Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn 'Ali Ibn Tulun, Inba' al-Umara' bi-Inba' al-Wuzara', edited by Muhanna Hamad al-Muhanna Stephan Conermann 186
'Umar ibn Muhammad Ibn Fahd, Ithaf al-Wara bi-Akhbar Umm al-Qura Li Guo 189
Julie Scott Meisami and Paul Starkey, eds., Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature Th. Emil Homerin 189
'Isam Muhammad Shibaru, Al-Salatin fi al-Mashriq al-'Arabi: Ma'alim Dawrihim al-Siyasi wa-al-Hadari: al-Mamalik (648-923 H./1250-1517 M.) Stefan H. Winter 193
Lorenz Korn, Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tübingen. Hamah IV c Bilad aš-Šam III. Warren C. Schultz 195
Hayat Nasir al-Hajji, Al-Sultah wa-al-Mujtama' fi Saltanat al-Mamalik Anne F. Broadbridge 197
Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid, Al-Tatawwur al-'Umrani li-Madinat al-Qahirah mundhu Nash'atiha wa-hatta al-An Leonor Fernandes 200
Ilyas al-Qattar, Niyabat Tarabulus fi 'Ahd al-Mamalik John Meloy 202
Ahmad ibn 'Ali Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani, Tarjamat Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah Jon Hoover 204
Husni Muhammad Nuwaysar, Al-'Imarah al-Islamiyah fi Misr: 'Asr al-Ayyubiyin wa-al-Mamalik Nasser Rabbat 205
Miura Toru and John Philips, eds., Slave Elites in the Middle East and Africa Warren C. Schultz 208
Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Jazari, Tarikh Hawadith al-Zaman wa-Anba'ihi wa-Wafayat al-Akabir wa-al-A'yan min Abna'ih, edited by 'Umar 'Abd al-Salam Tadmuri Li Guo 211
Samira Kortantamer, Bahri Memluklar'da Üst Yönetim Mensuplari ve Aralarindaki Iliskiler Stefan Winter 217
Shai Har-El, The Struggle for Domination in the Middle East: The Ottoman-Mamluk War, 1485-91 W. W. Clifford 219
Muhammad 'Abd al-Ghani al-Ashqar, Tujjar al-Tawabil fi Misr fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki Hayrettin Yucesoy 224


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Articles Author(s) Page
Ulrich Haarmann, 1942-1999 (obituary) Stephan Conermann 1
Under Western Eyes: A History of Mamluk Studies Robert Irwin 27
Storytelling, Preaching, and Power in Mamluk Cairo Jonathan P. Berkey 53
Silver Coins of the Mamluk Sultan Qalawun (678-689/1279-1290) from the Mints of Cairo, Damascus, Hamah, and al-Marqab Elisabeth Puin 75
Nile Floods and the Irrigation System in Fifteenth-Century Egypt Stuart J. Borsch 131
The Sultan Who Loved Sufis: How Qaytbay Established a Shrine Complex in Dasuq Helena Hallenberg 147
Rethinking Mamluk Textiles Bethany Walker 167
The Patronage of al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun, 1310-1341 Howayda al-Harithy 219
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Linda Northrup, From Slave to Sultan Robert Irwin 245
Li Guo, Early Mamluk Syrian Historiography: Al-Yunini's Dhayl Mir'at al-zaman Donald P. Little 247
Muhammad Mahmud Ahmad al-Nashshar, 'Alaqat Mamlakatay Qashtalah wa-Arajun bi-Saltanat al-Mamalik, 1260-1341 M/658-741 H Kenneth J. Garden 251
Henri and Anne Stierlin, Splendours of an Islamic World Bernard O'Kane 254
Nadiyah Mahmud Mustafa, al-'Asr al-Mamluki min Tasfiyat al-Wujud al-Salibi ila Bidayat al-Hajmah al-Urubbiyah al-Thaniyah, 642-923/1258-1517 Stephan Conermann 257
Ibn Zunbul, Waqi'at al-Sultan al-Ghuri ma'a Salim al-'Uthmani, edited by 'Abd al-Mun'im 'Amir Nabil Al-Tikriti 260
Najm al-Din al-Tarsusi, Kitab Tuhfat al-Turk, edited and translated by Muhammad al-Minasri Bernadette Martel-Thoumian 265
Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani, Diwan Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani, edited by Firdaws Nur 'Ali Husayn Thomas Bauer 267
Christopher Taylor, In the Vicinity of the Righteous: Ziyara and the Veneration of Muslim Saints in Late Medieval Egypt Paul Walker 269
Carl F. Petry, ed., The Cambridge History of Egypt volume 1: 641-1517 Robert Irwin 271


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Articles Author(s) Page
David Ayalon, 1914-1998 (obituary) Reuven Amitai 1
"Quis Custodiet Custodes?" Revisited: The Prosecution of Crime in the Late Mamluk Sultanate Carl F. Petry 13
Mamluk Art and Architectural History: A Review Article Jonathan Bloom 31
Saving Muslim Souls: The Khanqah and the Sufi Duty in Mamluk Lands Th. Emil Homerin 59
Academic Rivalry and the Patronage System in Fifteenth-Century Egypt: al-'Ayni, al-Maqrizi, and Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani Anne F. Broadbridge 85
Environmental Hazards, Natural Disasters, Economic Loss, and Mortality in Mamluk Syria William Tucker 109
Qaytbay's Madrasahs in the Holy Cities and the Evolution of Haram Architecture Doris Behrens-Abouseif 129
Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Makki "al-Shahid al-Awwal" (d. 1384) and the Shi'ah of Syria Stefan H. Winter 149
Mamluk Monetary History: A Review Essay Warren C. Schultz 183
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Sato Tsugitaka, State and Rural Society in Medieval Islam: Sultans, Muqta's and Fallahun Amalia Levanoni 207
Sa'ib 'Abd al-Hamid, Ibn Taymiyah: Hayatuhu wa-'Aqa'iduhu and 'Abd Allah ibn Rashid ibn Muhammad al-Hawshani, Manhaj Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah fi al-Da'wah ila Allah Ta'ala David Reisman 210
Ibn al-'Adim, Zubdat al-Halab min Ta'rikh Halab Michael Chamberlain 213
Majd al-Afandi, al-Ghazal fi al 'Asr al-Mamluki al-Awwal Thomas Bauer 214
Salah al-Din Muhammad Nawwar, al-Tawa'if al-Mughuliyah fi Misr Reuven Amitai 219
Muhammad al-Habib al-Hilah, Ta'rikh Makkah wa-Mu'arrikhuha Frederic Bauden 223
Taqi al-Din Ahmad ibn 'Ali al-Maqrizi, Durar al-'Uqud al-Faridah fi Tarajim al-A'yan al-Mufidah: Qit'ah minhu, edited by 'Adnan Darwish and Muhammad al-Misri Donald P. Little 231
Doris Behrens-Abouseif, Mamluk and Post-Mamluk Metal Lamps Nuha Khoury 233
Yasin al-Ayyubi, Afaq al-Shi'r al-'Arabi fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki Th. Emil Homerin 237
Mahmud al-Sayyid, Tarikh 'Arab al-Sham fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki Stefan Winter 240
al-Bayyumi Isma'il al-Shirbini, Musadarat al-Amlak fi al-Dawlah al-Islamiyah: 'Asr Salatin al-Mamalik Marlis J. Saleh 242
'Asim Muhammad Rizq, Khanqawat al-Sufiyah fi Misr, 1:Fi al-'Asrayn al-Ayyubi wa-al-Mamluki (567-923 H./1171-1517 M.) 2: Fi 'Asr Dawlat al-Mamalik al-Burjiyah (787-920 H./1385-1516 M.) Th. Emil Homerin 245


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Articles Author(s) Page
Ayyubids, Mamluks, and the Latin East in the Thirteenth Century R. Stephen Humphreys 1
A Holograph MS of Ibn Qadi Shuhbah's "Dhayl" David Reisman 19
A Geniza for Mamluk Studies? Charitable Trust (Waqf) Documents as a Source for Economic and Social History Carl F. Petry 51
Sultan Qaytbay's Foundation in Medina, the Madrasah, the Ribat and the Dashishah Doris Behrens-Abouseif 61
The Proposers and Supervisors of al-Rawk al-Nasiri in Mamluk Egypt Sato Tsugitaka 73
Documents Related to the Estates of a Merchant and His Wife in Late Fourteenth Century Jerusalem Donald P. Little 93
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Andre Clot L'Egypte des mamelouks: L'empire des esclaves (1250-1517) Paul M. Cobb 195
Th. Emil Homerin, From Arab Poet to Muslim Saint: Ibn al-Farid, His Verse, and His Shrine Warren C. Schultz 196
Fayid Hammad 'Ashur, al-Jihad al-Islami didda al-Salibiyin wa-al-Mughul fi al-'Asr al-Mamluki Anne F. Broadbridge 198
Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rahman al-Sakhawi, Wajiz al-Kalam fi al-Dhayl 'ala Duwal al-Islam, edited by Bashshar 'Awwad Ma'ruf, 'Isam Faris al-Harastani, and Ahmad al-Khutaymi Franz Rosenthal 202
Hammud ibn Muhammad ibn 'Ali al-Najidi, al-Nizam al-Naqdi al-Mamluki (648-922 H./1250-1517 M.) Warren C. Schultz 208
Eric Geoffroy, Le Soufisme en Egypte et en Syrie sous les derniers Mamelouks et les premiers Ottomans: Orientations spirituelles et enjeux culturels Michael Winter 210
Randi Deguilhem, ed., Le Waqf dans l'espace islamique: Outil de pouvoir socio-politique Leonor Fernandes 214
Rashid Sa'd Rashid al-Qahtani, Awqaf al-Sultan al-Ashraf Sha'ban 'ala al-Haramayn Doris Behrens-Abouseif 221
Hayat Nasir al-Hajji, Anmat min al-Hayah al-Siyasiyah wa-al-Iqtisadiyah wa-al-Ijtima'iyah fi Saltanat al-Mamalik fi al-Qarnayn al-Thamin wa-al-Tasi' al-Hijriyayn/al-Rabi' 'Ashar wa-al-Khamis 'Ashar al-Miladiyayn Li Guo 222
Sherman A. Jackson, Islamic Law and the State: The Constitutional Jurisprudence of Shihab al-Din al-Qarafi Jonathan Berkey 225
Taqi al-Din Ahmad ibn 'Ali al-Maqrizi, al-Mawa'iz wa-al-I'tibar fi Dhikr al-Khitat wa-al-Athar, edited by Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid Li Guo 229
Muhyi al-Din Ibn 'Abd al-Zahir, al-Rawdah al-Bahiyah al-Zahirah fi Khitat al-Mu'izziyah al-Qahirah, edited by Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid Paul Walker 237
Jörg-Dieter Brandes, Die Mameluken: Aufstieg und Fall einer Sklavendespotie Stephan Conermann 239
Shaun Marmon, Eunuchs and Sacred Boundaries in Islamic Society Michael Chamberlain 243
U. Vermeulen and D. De Smet, eds., Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras R. Stephen Humphreys 245
Subhi 'Abd al-Mun'im, al-Sharq al-Islami Zaman al-Mamalik wa-al-'Uthmaniyin W. W. Clifford 249
Najm al-Din Ibrahim ibn 'Ali al-Tarsusi, Tuhfat al-Turk fima Yajibu an Yu'mala fi al-Mulk, edited by Ridwan al-Sayyid W. W. Clifford 249
Anwar Zaqlamah, al-Mamalik fi Misr W. W. Clifford 250
Al-Sayyid 'Abd al-'Aziz Salim and Sahar al-Sayyid 'Abd al-'Aziz Salim, Dirasah fi Tarikh al-Ayyubiyin wa-al-Mamalik W. W. Clifford 250


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Articles Author(s) Page
Documents as a Source for Mamluk History Donald P. Little 1
Mamluk Historiographic Studies: The State of the Art Li Guo 15
Ubi Sumus? Social Theory and Mamluk Studies W. W. Clifford 45
Reflections on Poetry in the Mamluk Age Th. Emil Homerin 63
The Mahmal Tradition and the Pilgrimage of the Ladies of the Mamluk Court Doris Behrens-Abouseif 87
Mamluk Archeological Studies: A Review Donald Whitcomb 97
Mamluk Architecture and the Question of Patronage Leonor Fernandes 107
Book Reviews (Download) Reviewer Page
Sylvie Denoix, Decrire le Caire Fustat-Misr d'après Ibn Duqmaq et Maqrizi: L'histoire d'une partie de la ville du Caire d'après deux historiens egyptiens des XIVe-XVe siècles Amy Newhall 121
Michael Meinecke, Die Mamlukische Architektur in Ägypten und Syrien (648/1250-912/1517) 2 vols. Doris Behrens-Abouseif 122
'Ali al-Sayyid 'Ali Mahmud, al-Hayah al-Iqtisadiyah fi Jiddah fi 'Asr Salatin al-Mamalik 648-923 H./1250-1517 M. Carl F. Petry 128
Wael B. Hallaq, Ibn Taymiyyah against the Greek Logicians David Reisman 129
Reuven Amitai-Preiss, Mongols and Mamluks: The Mamluk-Glkhanid War, 1260-1281 John E. Woods 132
'Ali al-Sayyid 'Ali, al-Hayah al-Thaqafiyah fi al-Madinah al-Munawwarah: 'Asr al-Salatin al-Mamalik 642-923 H. Richard T. Mortel 135
Jonathan Berkey, The Transmission of Knowledge in Medieval Cairo: A Social History of Islamic Education Th. Emil Homerin and Deborah Derylak 137
Dayf Allah Yahya al-Zahrani, Zayf al-Nuqud al-Islamiyah min Sadr al-Islam hatta Nihayat al-'Asr al-Mamluki; Ra'fat Muhammad al-Nabarawi, al-Sikkah al-Islamiyah fi Misr: 'Asr Dawlat al-Mamalik al-Jarakisah; Adel Allouche, Mamluk Economics: A Study and Translation of al-Maqrizi's Ighathah Warren C. Schultz 140
Muhammad Hamzah Isma'il, Sultan al-Mansur Qalawun: Tarikh, Ahwal Misr fi 'Ahdihi, Munsha'atuhu al-Mi'mariyah Linda Northrup 145
Hayat Nasir al-Hajji, Suwar min al-Hadarah al-'Arabiyah al-Islamiyah fi Saltanat al-Mamalik John L. Meloy 149
P. M. Holt, Early Mamluk Diplomacy Anne F. Broadbridge 150
Muhammad Tahar Mansouri, Recherches sur les relations entre Byzance et l'Egypte (1259-1453) Walter E. Kaegi 151
Stefan Heidemann, Das Aleppiner Kalifat (A.D. 1261): Vom Ende des Kalifates in Bagdad über Aleppo zu den Restaurationen in Kairo Lutz Wiederhold 153
M. L. Benhassine, Deux etudes sur la pensee economique d'Abderrahmane Ibn Khaldoun dans "Al-Muqaddimah" Gilles Hennequin 155
Alexander Scheidt. Das Königreich von al-Karak in der mamlukischen Zeit Donald P. Little 158
Carl F. Petry, Protectors or Praetorians? The Last Mamluk Sultans and Egypt's Waning as a Great Power; Carl F. Petry, Twilight of Majesty: The Reign of Mamluk Sultans al-Ashraf Qaytbay and Qansuh al-Ghawri in Egypt Michael Winter 159
Nasser O. Rabbat, The Citadel of Cairo: A New Interpretation of Royal Mamluk Architecture Doris Behrens-Abouseif 163
Martina Muller-Wiener, Eine Stadtgeschichte Alexandrias von 564/1169 bis in die Mitte des 9./15. Jahrhunderts: Verwaltung und innerstädtische Organisationsformen Carl F. Petry 166
Bernadette Martel-Thoumian, Les civils et l'administration dans l'Etat militaire mamluk (IXe/XVe siècle) W. W. Clifford 168
Michael Chamberlain, Knowledge and Social Practice in Medieval Damascus, 1190-1350 John L. Meloy 171
Boaz Shoshan, Popular Culture in Medieval Cairo Th. Emil Homerin 175
Mohamed-Moain Sadek, Die mamlukische Architektur der Stadt Gaza Jonathan M. Bloom 178
Amalia Levanoni, A Turning Point in Mamluk History: The Third Reign of al-Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qalawun (1310-1341) W. W. Clifford 179

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